Small Business.

Big Relationships.

Building a strong relationship with your customers is the key to good business. Rappora provides a suite of tools to help you establish and maintain that connection.

Better relationships, bigger business.

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Service Features

Project Timeline

Keep customers informed. Upload photos, purchase history, and project notes as the job nears completion. Your customers love the details, show them everything here.


Stay in touch, stay in business. Connecting can be tough, contact your customers with our in app messaging. Quickly chat, send project updates, and purchase requests all in one place.

Mobile Payments

Payments made easy. Very Easy. Mobile payments enable your customers to pay from anywhere, anytime. Payments can be stressful, don’t let it slow down your business or your customers.

A Small Business Focus

We build tools for your small business, no matter what you do. At Rappora we build a suite of tools that help small businesses grow. We cater to many different business types, with one simple goal in mind; help businesses build a lasting relationship with their customers.

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Mission Statement

Building a good relationship with your customer is the key to good business. We build tools to help you do that before, during, and after you have done business together. Better relationships equal bigger business. Sign up to start building your customer relationships into something more personal.